Who We Are

As a provider, we collaborate with the client, guardians, and other therapies to discover the ideal individualized treatment modality. This client-focused treatment plan will be developed by our certified recreational therapy specialist.

F.L.O.W. recreation llc looks to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through fitness, leisure, community outings, and wellness interventions.

We aim to break down barriers and stigmas as we strive to make consumers as independent as possible; in hopes of one day learning the skills to maintain a job. Through interventions, we hope to see an improved sense of confidence and self-efficacy with every consumer. As therapists we want to keep their interests involved, but push consumers to get out of their comfort zone for optimal growth. It is important for us to provide new experiences through group outings to harbor friendships.

This holistic approach focuses on the whole person and redefining their possibilities. 



To improve quality of life for people with disabilities through interventions focusing on the clients’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and leisure needs.


Sean Sumner



Sean is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist that graduated magna cum laude from the University of Toledo's Recreational Therapy program in May of 2012. While in school, he volunteered with wheelchair football and the Miracle League. He has completed multiple clinical rotations that encompassed different populations. In the summer of 2012, he completed an internship at Kent Healthcare Center involving long term care patients with dementia and physical disabilities. In the fall of 2012, he enrolled at Slippery Rock University to obtain a masters in Adapted Physical Activity. He worked as a graduate assistant and ran a health promotion program for youth with autism called the "I Can Do It You Can Do It" program. He is a firm believer that recreation and physical activity has a positive correlation to increase quality of life. After graduating school, he worked for three years at Ferraro Behavior Services. There he gained experience as a CTRS helping clients with an array of disabilities.